A fairytale called ‘PHP and the ‘\ufeff’ character’

Not too long ago I built an API for one of my customers. They needed a very (read: very) basic response from their serverside script to the client.

The API was built in less than half an hour (using existing technologies and security best-practices that were already in place). And so I started sending some requests to the endpoint with Postman, and god I truly love Postman… Anyways, I found that the response I got looked like the type of response I would expect and could use. It was a simple JSON object, with ‘some’ nested variables. Nothing scary, like I said.


Azure Cognitives Services – How to build a simple contextual Bot

As announced in my previous blog post I will be writing a series on some of the Azure Cognitive Services. Today I will start off with a topic that will be the foundation for the upcoming services that will be connected to it. “NLP”, natural language processing, is the technique of understanding context and can be used with one of Azure’s services. Of course, we’ll also need something to interact with this service, hence the introduction of the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Cognitive Head

Introduction to Azure’s Cognitive Services

Almost a year ago I graduated on a topic that involved Artificial Intelligence. To be more specific I created a chatbot that was able to interact with one of our products and used Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligent Service implemented in the Microsoft Bot Framework along with other AI-API’s provided by Azure. I noticed Azure Cognitive Services were a perfect playground to get started if you’re not experienced with AI. And obviously; if you are an AI expert these services will allow you to build some amazing AI-powered projects.


Microsoft Graph API: How to change images

Mavention Workspace has the ability to easily change the image of a group (or as we like to call them: Workspace). This will set the new image visible on all platforms including Microsoft Teams (if it is a Teams workspace), Outlook and SharePoint. This sounds like an easy to write code-module. And when I began writing the module, I thought just the same. However, there are some tricky parts in communicating with the Graph API if you want to send files. In this blog, I will elaborate on how to upload images using the Microsoft Graph API.


A beginner’s guide to binary search

Searching. One of the most crucial activities performed on datasets. Think of a world with lots of data, but no possibility to filter relevant info for yourself. Sounds pretty stone-age right? Thankfully we have lots of options to perform the craziest search queries on huge datasets. These options are available to us for quite some time, and we got used to perceiving lots and lots of data. In this digital age we tend to thrive for the most efficient ways to gather data, but besides that: we want it fast. So how do we search through data in a quick way? In this technical blog post I will shine my light on one of the most underrated searching methods: Binary searching. It is one of the quickest ways to retrieve data, but it has its downsides.


Big O: When algorithms get complex

Have you ever asked yourself when writing a piece of code if it could perform faster? The answer is most likely: yes. Programming is not only about writing functional blocks. Speed and code efficiency are directly connected to user satisfaction, even if you do not see it right away on your screen. Most frameworks allow you to iterate through collections like its nothing. Until… The collections meet each other.


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