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Lately, I decided to gain some more information about artificial intelligence (or aspects touching AI) that doesn’t necessarily include having to code. Reading use cases, understanding future applications and diving a bit more into the whole ethics scene around AI as a topic seems pretty important to me, besides being able to actually ‘build’ AI.


Azure Cognitives Services – How to build a simple contextual Bot

As announced in my previous blog post I will be writing a series on some of the Azure Cognitive Services. Today I will start off with a topic that will be the foundation for the upcoming services that will be connected to it. “NLP”, natural language processing, is the technique of understanding context and can be used with one of Azure’s services. Of course, we’ll also need something to interact with this service, hence the introduction of the Microsoft Bot Framework.

Cognitive Head

Introduction to Azure’s Cognitive Services

Almost a year ago I graduated on a topic that involved Artificial Intelligence. To be more specific I created a chatbot that was able to interact with one of our products and used Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligent Service implemented in the Microsoft Bot Framework along with other AI-API’s provided by Azure. I noticed Azure Cognitive Services were a perfect playground to get started if you’re not experienced with AI. And obviously; if you are an AI expert these services will allow you to build some amazing AI-powered projects.


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