1. "Knijn" - Could be referencing to "Konijn", Dutch for "Rabbit"

2. Ops - Information Technology Operations, part of "DevOps"


What is KnijnOps

A short intro

I'm Rutger Knijnenburg. A Technical Cloud Consultant working at Portiva (previously Mavention). Software and web development are truly my passion and I love to discover new tools and tricks. KnijnOps is my way of sharing my passion with people alike. One of the key elements you will find me blogging about is Artificial Intelligence. It seems to me people need to either love or hate it. And I say; let's start with some love!

You will find more about KnijnOps below. But I guess what you're more interested in is some content.









About KnijnOps

And a bit about myself

KnijnOps & AI

The topic on which I graduated for my Bachelor Of Science (Bsc) at The Hague University of Applied Science (THUAS) was artificial intelligence. Reading books, blogs and watching some interesting Youtube videos truly lit the AI fire inside me. I believe there is no fear for killer robots or AI taking over the world, at least not for the next 100 years or so. There should be a discussion about AI and ethics which covers topics like jobs, the self-worth of human individuals and AI-powered weaponry. However, AI has boarded on a train that will not stop. As it is inevitable it will be a bigger part of our lives than it is today, we got to learn to embrace it and use it in our advantage.

KnijnOps & Climate

The climate is changing and there is no way of denying it. I believe we humans are a big part of global warming, and we are also the only ones who can minimize the damage we have created. Sure species tend to disappear after a while due to natural selection, sure landscapes change after time and sure there are some statistics showing natural global warming occurred before. However, we speed up the process that led to all those consequences. I wouldn't dare call myself a climate activist, but I definitely believe something must change.

KnijnOps & Work

I work at Portiva (previously Mavention) as a Technical Cloud Consultant. My job at Portiva mainly involves creating and maintaining full-stack web-apps and SharePoint development. Besides my job at Portiva, I am the owner of KnijnOps. With KnijnOps I try to achieve three things: 1. Work on projects that aren't included in my job description. 2. I use KnijnOps as my own business for a small set of customers (CMS maintenance/small web-development projects). 3. With KnijnOps I want to share my knowledge as a (beginning) programmer in this big digital world.